The core principle of Touring Club Malta is to reduce accidents on Maltese roads. For this reason, our club was the first Maltese signatory of the European Road Safety Charter – the largest road safety community which aims to increase road safety as a tool to reduce road accidents.

We believe that in order to have safer roads and get a better deal from authorities, Maltese drivers need to be part of a community. The aim is to discuss problems faced by Maltese road users, with all the relevant stake holders and be part of the decision making process when it comes to roads and decisions which affect our daily lives as road users and car owners.

Our club wants to serve as a change agent to an ever degrading situation in Malta. It is useless for us citizens to wait for authorities to take action. The initiative must be driven by the people directly affected by the situation. Unless there is a concrete and formal demand by the users, authorities will never give the required attention to Maltese roads and car owners. For this reason, Touring Club Malta has been affiliated to the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile since 1984 (FIA). Our affiliation gives us access to resources like international case studies and initiative available across all Europe and the rest of the world. FIA is also a strong lobby group within the European political framework and works hard to achieve better road safety for all car drivers and road users alike through European legislation and policy making.

We strongly believe in our vision that better driving in Malta can only be achieved through education, dialogue and information sharing. Unfortunately, every club needs the support of its members and the work of dedicated volunteers. By becoming a member of Touring Club Malta you would be contributing towards the start of a better tomorrow for Maltese mobility.