Maltese Motoring Heritage



Touring Club Malta has long been engaged in trying to set up the Malta Transport Museum. It has been granted permission by the minister in charge of museums to set up a museum given a suitable site is found. Various collectors have already pledged their collections to be displayed in the museum once set up and functional. Touring Club Malta welcomes both investors and contibutors who would like to help complete this project.


  • To be associated with Malta Transport Museum Foundation
  • To exhibit the historical paths of Maltese Transport in the Malta Transport Museum
  • To promote a new cultural and tourist awareness on a strategic subject yet in the Lime Light
  • To collect Local Transport Relics accompanied with other accessories obtained from abroad.
  • A centre for European-Mediteranean Transport Shows
  • The foundation of a movement whose aim includes the continuous improvement and updating of the Exhibits
  • To be in line with other Transport Museums in Europe.
  • Typical Exhibits may include:
  • Model of 1883 Railway of Malta
  • Model of 1892 Tramway cab of Malta
  • Restored Vintage Vehicles
  • Horse Drawn Carts of all types in the agricultural trade
  • Recently new cars show
  • Miniature Vintage Models
  • Paintings, Photos of the transport history in Malta.
  • Problems and Approval

Once the site is given to the Organisation, and since now we have the permission to set up the Malta Transport Museum from the Minister of Education i/c Museums, we can continue with our Plans.

Encouragement: A venture which has proved successful abroad.

ETMA: European Transport Museums Alliance .Write to us to join