Overland Driving

Driving on European roads? We know you will enjoy it. If you will be visiting the continent using your car, we can offer you somthing which will help you on your way.

What if your car stops in the middle of the highway? What if you need to call a towing service? Will you be ripped off being a tourist?

Being a member of Touring Club Malta, gives you access to a Europen-wide network of friendly motoring clubs offering road side assistance services at standard rates.

Overseas Assistance Card – Eur15/year


This card entitles you to make use of roadside assistance services offered by FIA affiliated clubs across all Europe while travelling with your car.

Any assistance service provided is payable on the spot.

Touring Club Malta disclaims any responsability of damages caused to your vehicle before, during and after service provision.

Club membership expires as indicated on the card.

Card is non transferable.

Checklist before departing:

  1. Driving  Licence
  2. Green Card (from your Insurance Agent) ask them..preferably  Insurance  Green Card make it fully comprehensive.(Switzerland is not an EU country)You have to buy the Vignette, before crossing to Switzerland.
  3. Valid unexpired Car Road Licence
  4. Car Logbook must not have a restriction on transfer. In case the car is not totally paid… one has to do a  Bank Guarantee on the outstanding debt… Obtain clearance from ADT
  5. CCI Card for Camping Site… cost Euro 20 from Touring Club Malta. A month before.
  6. Become Member of Touring Club Malta to get cheaper towing service abroad through FIA network
  7. Travel including Health Insurance and E111 card from health dept Merchants Street, Valletta Malta
  8. Warning triangle, fluorescent jacket and Fire Extinguisher available at petrol stations
  9. First Aid Box
  10. Check Front and rear seatbelts, all lights and tyre wear
  11. You must always have your driving licence and passport with you. Check these are not expired at time of departure.